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Get DMs & Yields on CLOs & € Bonds 
- as they trade

Live BWIC calendar keeps you updated on what's up for bid.

Capital Relief Trades database - complete issuance data on synthetic deals

Primary issuance date on CLOs & ABS 


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Save time & money on trading & pricing decisions 
more efficient and complete with SCI data

SCI goes beyond other services by adding greater value and depth: 

Secondary market trading & pricing activity: customers get SCI's unique, independent, proprietary DMs and Yield data for CLO and € trade activity, in addition to full transparency against these pricing assumptions.
SCI also offers the undisputed market-leading database on Capital Relief Trade issuance
CLOs & ABS issuance: SCI houses one of the longest established deal services available.
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Save time

Save time on calculating DMs / WALs on recent day’s trades

Systematic search 

DMs / WALs systematically saved in a searchable database

Market Commentary

Daily Market Commentary highlights notable traded levels and trends

"There are two types of data this service provides. Covers - This data source should be considered trade data and fall in the very top of hierarchy. Currently we are bound by the firm's trade blotter when searching for trades (unlike corporate bond price testing who can easily access TRACE data via BBG). This service will open up a new source of trade data and also will be considered independent of the FO (a point the external auditor has raised). Price Talk - during BWIC processes, dealers will publish where they believe specific bonds will trade in an upcoming auction. These are considered very valuable data points for our more unobservable positions which do not trade. The FO very often sites price talk when discussing variances"
- Head of Fund Pricing

Ensure your trading picture is complete with SCI

Get instant updates 
on all upcoming trades

Live BWICs

Pricing & Valuations

Inform pricing and valuations by interrogating traded comparables

Added confidence on QA

Save time, be more efficient

Justify valuation levels with documentary evidence
IPV executives can save time and create a smoother process flow at month end

DMs, Yields & Prices on global CLO & € ABS trading activity: 

Live BWIC Calendar - never miss another trading opportunity

Pricing history 

immediate acccess to historical trading activity & prices

SCI's proprietary Capital Relief Trades database is a vital addition to your market data set
- the only complete, publicly available database for the synthetic securitisation sector: a strategically vital fit.

The world's only complete database on synthetic CRT issuance

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"This data is indisputable evidence of where these bonds trade in the market. If we are to present to the FO [Front Office] market color (Px talk, or covers) they are highly likely to remark. In fact, the FO's primary rebuttal when PC Vals presents an escalated variance will be for them to site where they see market color in their dealer runs"
_- Head of Product Control

"Being able to see all the assumptions laid out and the general narrative is ideal. It resonated with the desk and we managed to sign off much quicker than normal.”
— IPV For Securitized Products

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SCI Market Data is also available as an App on the BBG Terminal <APPS SCI>