Exploring the potential of vehicle and housing loans to produce large-scale green ABS.

A Special Report published by SCI

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The rapid development of the green bonds and the emergence of embryonic markets for social and sustainability bonds; which segments of the green bond market lend themselves to asset-backed issuance in the near term?

Property-assessed clean energy (PACE) and solar ABS financings, including structured diagrams; Obvion's ground-breaking RMBS issues and the role of this asset class in driving future green ABS volumes.

A synthetic risk transfer transaction that freed up US$2bn of capital for additional green lending; the growing convergence of impact investing and capital markets.

Exclusive insights on Green bonds, ABS & Synthetic deals across PACE, RMBS & Auto sectors:

Impact investing – in which environmental, social and governance considerations are paramount – is now firmly on the agenda of governments, supranational bodies and financial institutions across the world. 

In the wake of the landmark Paris Agreement on Climate Change at the end of 2015, it is unsurprising that most of the initial focus has been on investments to improve the environment. 

This SCI research report examines the resulting acceleration in green bond issuance, as well as the role that securitisation is playing in creating a market of the future that is backed by a wide range of green and socially sustainable collateral.

Expert views and commentary from market practitioners:

""PACE has been so successful in the US that it has begun attracting attention around the world"

Huub Mourits
Global Head of Structured Finance Services
TMF Group

“PACE has attracted circa US$3.7bn of private capital, at no expense to taxpayers, and invested in these energy efficiency projects."

Rasool Alizadeh
Head of Capital Markets
Ygrene Energy Fund

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