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SCI’s mission is to provide subscribers with specialised and focused coverage on the cutting-edge of securitisation, particularly news and analysis of activity around off-the-run and innovative deals across the ABS, MBS and structured credit sectors globally.

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Where something new or unusual emerges or involves the less well-understood areas of securitisation, we report on it. Articles commonly revolve around new deal innovation, including individual deal profiles and broader trends in issuance/market focus; unusual secondary activity; accounting/legal/regulatory developments that generate innovation; structuring and restructuring solutions; and trading ideas.

Specifically, our coverage extends to:

ABS: Esoteric ABS; Green bonds; WBS (whole business securitisation)

MBS: Credit risk transfer/MBS synthetics; Distressed 

CMBS: Non-conforming and re-performing RMBS

Structured credit: CDOs; CRE CLOs; Middle market and subordinated BSL (broadly syndicated loan) 

CLOs: Synthetic CLOs

Capital relief trades: From CLNs to ABS, MBS and CLOs to financial guarantees; regulatory news; Significant risk transfers

NPL securitisations: Securitisations across asset classes – commercial, corporate and residential; Portfolio sales with securitisation element/exit; Funds/vehicles using securitisation technology

Structured finance derivatives: CDS and options; correlation trading through index and bespoke tranches; TRS on credit and loan indices/baskets; and other new and unusual synthetic structures (excluding full stack CSOs, CRT deals and capital relief trades, which are already included in current coverage).

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Expert views and commentary from market practitioners:

Red 1 CLO is a synthetic securitisation of 25 UK CRE loans granted or entered into by Santander UK group entities for the acquisition of 144 properties in the UK. Santander has entered into a credit protection deed with the issuer that protects Santander against 95% of the credit losses stemming from the pool of loans.

- SCI coverage of new synthetic CLO

"Fannie Mae execution has traditionally been significantly better than Freddie Mac. I would say Fannie was more aggressive in terms of growth and more sophisticated from a risk management point of view"

- Deal Advisor and Structurer


"My sense is that asset management in credit is heading in two directions: towards liquid, lower duration investments or towards longer-duration capital, which tends to be a better holder of illiquid assets; each has a different return profile."

- Hedge Fund MD

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