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Live BWIC Trade Prices: CLO & ABS

Pricing archive to 2012. Just £500 per month 



Never miss a Trade.

Global coverage on secondary market trading and prices of bonds across structured credit & ABS. 

Whatever your role, SCI's PriceABS data satisfies a core need: Traders & PM can view upcoming bond auctions in one place; Pricing, IPV & Audit can download full monthly pricing coverage in an instant and ensure regulatory compliancy.


Independent market coverage

Make sure you're using prices independent of the trading desk. PriceABS coverage is gathered from a cohort of data partners from the US & Europe, giving you peace of mind that your coverage is independent. 

Asset Coverage

PriceABS covers trading in CLO, CDO, ABS, RMBS & CMBS bonds, in Europe, the US and elsewhere - peace of mind that when trading takes place, SCI has it covered.

Real-time Updates

SCI tracks the markets through multiple counterparties so that when trading takes place, we make these prices available to you immediately.

Regulatory Compliant Data

Any trading entity is now required to have the very best quality pricing available for portfolio valuations. SCI's service does this for you - PriceABS' pricing - based on trading activity - sits at the very top of the regulator's pricing hierarchy.

"This data is indisputable evidence of where these bonds trade in the market. If we are to present to the FO [Front Office] market color (Px talk, or covers) they are highly likely to remark. In fact, the FO's primary rebuttal when PC Vals presents an escalated variance will be for them to site where they see market color in their dealer runs"

- IPV head, Investment Bank , NY

"There are two types of data this service provides. Covers - This data source should be considered trade data and fall in the very top of hierarchy. Currently we are bound by the firm's trade blotter when searching for trades (unlike corporate bond price testing who can easily access TRACE data via BBG). This service will open up a new source of trade data and also will be considered independent of the FO (a point the external auditor has raised). Price Talk - During BWIC processes, dealers will publish where they believe specific bonds will trade in an upcoming auction. These are considered very valuable data points for our more unobservable positions which do not trade. The FO very often sites price talk when discussing variances"

- Product Control, Top tier bank, NY

"Thank you! It is very helpful, indeed... I just used a data point in an internal discussion on a challenge to the desk. Being able to say that "SCI reported a cover at (desk price -4)" was helpful"

- Senior Valuation Controller, 
Investment Bank, London

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  • No contract, no long term commitment
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  • Ideal for single broker and pricing desks.

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  • IPV 
  • Pricing teams
  • Product Control
  • Audit
  • Save 33% for a team of three


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  • 50% of the cost of the full service 
  • Same functionality as full service
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